Overnight Camping Regulations

Mitchell’s Bay Marine Park Ltd
Non-Seasonal Campground Policies and Procedures


The co-operation and observance of these policies and procedures by all patrons are solicited to ensure a pleasant, peaceful and enjoyable holiday for everyone.

Check -out time before 1:00 pm. 

Check in time is after 2:00 pm.  

Confirmation of registration:

You will be issued a confirmation number at the time of reservation.  Please ensure you have this number otherwise we cannot guarantee you will have a site.

Specific site availability:

We try to ensure the site you requested is available however we only guarantee a site will be available, not necessarily the one you requested.   Please inquire by 5pm the night before your departure date if you want to stay an additional night(s). We will try to arrange accommodations, however we cannot guarantee the same site or that any site will be available. 


There is a two night minimum on weekends. 
If you plan to put a boat on site, you are required to purchase a launch pass for each day.  There is a special rate for campsite and launch. 
Statutory holiday weekends:   Three day minimum booking.

Cancellation  Policies 

The office staff is the only department authorized to issue refunds.

Note that Victoria weekend in May is a family weekend. 

Two weeks notice prior to arrival date: (excluding statutory holiday weekends)
No cash refunds will be issued.  A credit will be issued (less a $25 administration charge) for your use at another time, subject to management approval.

Less than two weeks notice prior to arrival date 
No cash refunds will be issued.  A credit may be issued (less a 50% administration charge ) for your use at another time,  if we are able to rebook the site, subject to management approval. 
Leaving early after arrival. 
No refund of balance. If we are able to rebook the site reserved, we will issue a credit for the balance less a $25 administration charge subject to management approval.

Destructive or abusive behavior:

This property is privately operated.  Therefore, management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  The registered camper is responsible for the conduct and actions of all guests in your party and your visitors.
In the event of any infractions, criminal or otherwise including damage or destruction of our property will result in you and your guests’ expulsion from the campground without any reimbursement whether in cash or in kind.  Your party will not be allowed in the marina or campground in the future and we may charge a penalty for the clean-up costs subject to management approval.  

Please see posted campground policies and procedures. Schedule R for additional rules & regulations.



Mitchell’s Bay Marine Park Ltd
Schedule R
Non-Seasonal Campground Policies and Procedures


Garbage must be placed in plastic bags, tied and deposited in the dumpsters. Only household garbage is allowed. All other garbage must be taken home.  At no time are individuals to bring garbage from off the property and dump in the containers located in the marina and trailer park.
Do not burn garbage in the fire pits.
If we are required to clean up your site due to excessive garbage being left on site or in garbage pits we will charge you a minimum fee of $5.00 with an additional fee for clean-up based on our time at $50.00 per hour.  You may be banned from entering the premises again.

Washrooms and Showers

Washrooms are available 24 hours a day from May until October for the convenience of the Park and Marina patrons and their guests only.
Users of these facilities are respectfully requested to help keep them clean and tidy for the benefit of others as well as themselves.  Please report any problem or abuse to the manager immediately.
Please do not flush napkins, tampons or paper towels down the toilet.  Place them in the container provided.
We would ask that you remind all family members that we can evict the family and guests of any registered person caught defacing our washrooms or other property. You are responsible for the actions of your guests.  Any infractions on their part will lead to your eviction from Mitchell's Bay Marine Park Limited without refund or compensation.  It may result in banning you from the property for the season.  We may also charge you a penalty including our costs for clean-up and repair.

1. No fishing anywhere in the Marina or campgrounds except for the ponds.
2. Fish trimmings from cleaning must be disposed of at the fish cleaning station.  Do not put in dumpsters.


No more than two (2) vehicles may be parked on trailer lots and additional vehicles including all those of visitors must be parked in designated parking areas. Lot A. Do not park on grass.  A boat and a trailer are considered one vehicle. Boats under 20 feet in length may be kept on the campsite; otherwise they must be parked in the lot or a mooring slip must be purchased.  All visitors must have a proper parking pass issued by the gate.
Speed limit in trailer park and marina is 10 KM at all times.
Campers bringing a boat and trailer to be put on their site are required to purchase a launch pass for each night of their stay.
ATV’s are prohibited anywhere in the campground or marina.
Refrain from bicycling or driving any motorized vehicle on the grass.

1. Pets MUST be kept on the owner’s lot and are not permitted to roam free.
2. Pets must be leashed and restricted to the roads when being walked.
3. Dog owners are responsible for picking up their pet's litter.   Bags are available at the gate.
4. Pets must not be left unattended.  All provincial and municipal bylaws must be adhered to. Specifically, pit bulls must be muzzled at all times.

Camp Fires

Small campfires are permitted within fire rings provided caution is observed.  All fires must be extinguished before retiring for the night.  Please respect the other campers around you.  After 11 pm is quiet time.
Firewood may be purchased at the gate or bait shop.
Tree cutting and removing or damaging the bark or limbs from trees is prohibited.
If smoke or sparks are creating an undesirable situation for neighbours, the fire must be put out.
Do not hang clothes or other items from the trees as it may damage them.
NO ASH FIREWOOD CAN BE BROUGHT INTO THE CAMPGROUND. Please ensure you are familiar with the rules for transporting firewood in/out of Chatham-Kent. The CFIA has the right to enter the campground and inspect any firewood on the premises.  Proof of purchase and type of firewood purchased may be requested.  At any time we may prohibit any firewood from being brought into the campground. We may request that you purchase it from us. We may also confiscate any ash firewood found on the premises immediately.

Selling of goods 

Sale of merchandise or services including firewood by park patrons is prohibited.  It is grounds for immediate eviction without compensation or refund.

 Hydro, Water and Sewage

Lights must be turned off when retiring for the night.
Leaking water hoses are prohibited.  Leaking or improperly sealed sewage lines are prohibited.  Sewer lines from the trailer to hook-up are to be of solid plastic and properly sealed.
Use only white toilet tissue for better chemical breakdown.  Disposable diapers, sanitary pads, tampons and paper towels are not to be flushed down your toilet.
Water supply taps must be turned off when you intend being away a day or more in case of hose breakage.
All electrical equipment must be clearly labelled with the CSA approval to be permitted for use.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. daily. Playground hours are 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Number of campers on a site

Only 1 trailer or tent is to be erected on the site. Management must approve any exceptions to this policy.  If your visitors need space for overnight camping, please contact the management and they will provide an area for a nightly fee, if available.  This is intended as a family campground.  Maximum 6 registered people to a site. This is intended to be for 2 adults and their children.  Small pup tents for children or a 2nd tent for a dining tent are acceptable on one site.  All guests are requested to leave by 11 pm.  


1.     Possession of firearms or air guns in the Park is prohibited.
2.     Parking on roadways is prohibited 
3.    Do not leave young children unattended. Adults must accompany them throughout the park including  the washrooms.

Swimming in the Marina and the ponds is prohibited.
The Chatham Kent Police Department and the Ontario Provincial Police have our permission to enter the property at any time and have unrestricted access to operate throughout the facility.
Ensure that children riding bicycles have the proper safety helmets.  Bicycles must have lights at night. Golf carts should have lights or a florescent sticker so they may be seen at night.


Rates by the season, month, week or day are as posted. Rates for other services are available on request, 


Failure to observe the foregoing rules and regulations may be grounds for eviction from the Park or Marina without compensation or refund.  Any infractions including damage or destruction of this property will result in expulsion of you party and your guests from the marina and campground.  It will also result in a fine being assessed.
Infractions under civil law or criminal code committed on the Park premises will also result in immediate eviction without compensation or refund.  You, your party and visitors will be banned from entering the campground or marina in the future.  It will also result in a fine being assessed.
Loss, Damage and Injury 
Liability for loss or damage to personal property or personal injury while on Park premises is solely the responsibility of the occupant and guests.

The occupant assumes liability for all claims arising as a result of the damage, injury, or death to property or persons of the Mitchell’s Bay Marine Park Limited, its servants, agents, customers or tenants or their guests, resulting directly or indirectly from the occupant’s negligence.  The use by the occupant and his guests of the facilities of Mitchell’s Bay Marine Park Limited shall be at the sole risk of the occupant, and the occupant covenants to indemnify and save harmless Mitchell’s Bay Marine Park Limited, its servants, agents or employees, against any claim for loss or damage arising out of the use of the Marine facilities or equipment or the handling of any boat anywhere at the Marina property by the occupant or his servants, agents or employees.


Management reserves the right to charge for parking for all visitors and or additional vehicles in excess of two for all transient campers.


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