Seasonal Launch Regulations

(Marina Opening to Freeze-Up)

The co-operation and observance of these policies and procedures by all patrons is requested to ensure a pleasant and safe atmosphere for anyone.

1. The boat launch ramps are to be entered only through designated entrances.

2. The launch ramps are generally very busy and well used. Please launch or load your boat quickly and safely. Others are waiting and we ask for your cooperation. Do not moor your boat to launch ramp dock, wash your boat or do unnecessary things at the launch area.

3. The daily launch permit expires at 11 PM each day. If you require overnight parking please inquire at the gate, bait or office before launching. There is a fee for overnight parking. The appropriate pass must be visible in or on your vehicle. Any infraction of overnight parking or obtaining parking passes for guests will be considered a severe infraction. Parking of vehicle and trailer are permitted in designated areas only. Lot B. If guests are accompanying you in a separate vehicle, they must register at the gate and receive the appropriate pass. All vehicles parked in the marina and campground must be accounted for. This is for security and safety reasons.

4. If you arrive prior to gate, bait or office being open please leave a note on your dash and pay upon departure. Failure to pay will be a severe infraction.

5. Seasonal, monthly, weekly and daily passes are available. Only one pass is issued per application form. The pass is for the registered owner of the boat and trailer. Loaning of launch passes is not allowed. This will be a violation if the launch pass does not match your trailer plate or registered boat number as stated in your application.

6. There is no fishing in the marina basin during the boating season. Fish trimmings must be disposed of at the fish cleaning station. Do not place in dumpsters or garbage bins. All garbage must be placed in dumpsters and tied in plastic bags. Only household garbage is allowed. All other garbage must be taken home.

7. Speed limit is 10 km at all times.

8. The launch pass allows you to launch as many times as you want during the day. Do not dock in seasonal slips without first inquiring at the bait, gate or office.

Severe or repeated infractions of any of the above rules and regulations may result in expulsion from the marina and campground for the season(s). This property is privately operated. Therefore management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We will not be responsible for accidents or injury to anyone. We will not be responsible for Ioss of valuables of any kind. I have read the above policies and procedures and I agree to abide by them.


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